Useful Sensors was founded in March 2022, and is backed by investors including:

We are focused on using the recent advances in AI and machine learning to improve peoples’ everyday lives through smarter interfaces. We look forward to a future where you can look at a light switch and say “On” to light up a room, where the TV automatically pauses when you get up from the couch for a coffee, and where you can advance your slide presentation with a wave of your hand. We want to make this happen by working with manufacturers of consumer electronics and appliances to add our small, low-cost hardware modules to their existing products, so if this sounds interesting please get in touch.

We also believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice privacy to get better interfaces, so we have designed in strong safeguards to keep all audio and image data local. We are working to ensure that our claims can be independently checked by neutral third parties, for extra peace of mind. You can find more information about about approach to privacy in the Machine Learning Sensors white paper.

Our broader mission is to organize the physical world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.